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Our history

The Students’ Surgical Society from Romania, a non-governmental, non-profit organization, established in 2003, with the purpose of developing practical training methods for the students in the medical academic centers, through scientific events and workshops organized on various topics.

As balance of the activity of more than 10 years both from the center and from the other 7 branches in the country, SSCR has prepared about 13396 participants in the 287 workshops which amounted to more than 1400 days, dedicated to developing the practical abilities in the surgical domain and the basic medical maneuvers.

Both Basic and Advanced workshops, plus other internships and trainings specific to each branch, are organized from the participation fees, sponsorships and donations. In recent years, the Society has experienced great interest among students and young doctors, the training demand exceeding the offer. Therefore, we have raised and diversified the number of workshops and activities, from one year to the other, thus having the possibility to coach more participants, trainers, doctors of tomorrow.

In 2012 we received, in the Medica Gala- en event organized by the College of Doctors from Romania, the award for the most active student association from the medical universities, as an acknowledgement of the work done at national level. This makes us not want to stop here.

In Romania, from the 53.681 doctors, 10.333 (19,25%) work in a surgical branch, almost 70% are sepcialists, the rest of 30% are resident doctors (*INS-annual directory 2012). Therefore, 19,25% of doctors need to learn basic surgical skills and develop their abilities to work with their hands. In order to support them, SSCR will continue to make efforts for their training, evaluation and professional development. It will continue to form trainers and workshop organizers, all of these stages being subjected to a progressive system of continuous evaluation and training, generation after generation, accumulating in time experience and abilities which will increase the standards of the organization, therefore forming professionals in the surgical domain of tomorrow.

Workshops of the Bucharest branch:

  • Knots and Sutures
  • Studiu
  • Basic Surgical Skills
  • Basic Microsurgery Skills
  • Basic Cardiovascular Skills
  • Basic Plastics and Reconstructive Surgery Skills
  • Surgery Summer Camp

During the workshops, the knowledge is accumulated in a step-by-step manner, demonstrating the information taught both in theory and live, being a continuous interactive hands-on experience.

Also, in the other activities which we undertake, the members and the participants of the society gain experience in case-works, research and scientific papers presentations.

Another activity that integrates the goal with the mission of the society is guiding the student in choosing the medical area of interest, through sessions of professional orientation, with presentations from a large number of specialties done with persons which have experience in these domains, advice and tests having the same purpose.

According to a study done on 180 participants during 10 months, the graduates of the workshops showed an improvement of 50% of their practical abilities and their theoretical principles presented during the workshops.