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Note: The present regulation is the version on October 26th, 2011 according to the documents and the minutes published in the official discussions group: sscromania. (newest version from 2016 is not yet translated) (regulation published by the censor on December 12th, 2007 with the modifications brought by the minutes from 19-23.03.2010, published by the person who then occupied the position of national secretary on 29.03.2010 (*1) and the decisions from 8.12.2010 published by the president on all the discussions groups on 15.12.2010 (*2)). )). The modifications brought by *2 were written in green.
Other notes::
- This regulation applies to all the branches, and it can be supplemented, but not contradicted at the procedural level of decisions of the Local Board of Directors published on the discussions group according to the statute.
- for the Bucharest branch, the departments are: Scientific, Surgical Techniques, Human Resources (HR), Marketing (MK), Fund Raising (FR)


Students’ Surgical Society from Romania
-Internal regulation policy-

Chapter I – The statute of a SSCR member

Art. 1.1.1 Members of the Romanian Students' Surgical Society are the persons who meet simultaneously all the following conditions:

a. they have filled up the registration form on the website of the www.sscr.ro association, and have received a confirmation message from the Board of Directors of the SSCR branch.
b. they have paid the annual fee in the account of the branch they belong to
c. they have filled in the activation form from the association’s website, after having paid the fee

1.1.2. The statute of paying member is valid until the next 1st of October following the payment of the fee

Art. 1.2 All the SSCR members have the obligation to be active. In order to be ACTIVE at least 3 from the following 4 conditions must be fulfilled:
o Participating in at least 50% of the Scientific Communications Sessions of the SSCR which are monthly organized in each branch.
o Presenting at least one research paper, clinical case or clinical study each year, in the Scientific Communications Sessions of the SSCR.
o Implicating themselves in the teams organizing the SSCR local or national projects.
o Implicating themselves in the activities performed in at least one of the departments of the SSCR branch they belong to.
Art. 1.3 The members which do not fulfill the conditions under Art 1.2 will not have priority to participate in congresses, practical courses and other activities organized by the SSCR until they do not regain their ACTIVE member status.
Art. 1.4 Each of the branches will hold a strict register of the active and passive members which they will report quarterly or each time de Secretary or the President of SSCR will request it.

Chapter II – The SSCR branches

Art. 2.1 The SSCR association is organized on a territorial principle, having subsidiaries without legal personality in each medical academic center on Romania’s territory.
Art. 2.2 The subsidiaries of SSCR, legally called branches will be internally named, through the present regulation “BRANCHES”.
Art. 2.3 They shall respect the statute and the regulation of the SSCR association.
Art. 2.4 The subsidiary manager will be called Branch manager and he will be empowered by the central Board of directors, following elections which will take place between the subscribed members of the SSC from the respective academic center, having as a witness a member of the central Board of directors.
Art. 2.5 The president of the branch will name his two vicepresidents, a secretary and a treasurer which will constitute the Board of Directors of the branch.
Art. 2.6 Each subsidiary will benefit from a separate BANK ACCOUNT in which the annual fees, sponsorships, donations etc, will be deposited.
Art. 2.7 The branch president has the right to administer the funds of the branch with the acceptance of the Board of Director of the branch. Also, he will have the stamp and the right to sign documents which concern the activities of the branch.
Art. 2.8 The chief of the IT department of each branch of the SSCR will be in charge of updating the page destined for the branch he is a part of, on the association’s page, www.sscr.ro.
Art. 2.9 The branches will have autonomy in what concerns the activities and the projects realized, under the condition that they should be part of the SSCR domain of activity. (medicine and especially surgery).
Art. 2.10 The national projects or the projects which wish to be entered in competitions for financing projects need to be approved by the central Board of Directors.
Art 2.11 Each branch will present to the central Board of Directors a quarterly activity report which will contain:
(1) The list of the subscribed members;
(2) The financial situation;
(3) The projects developed;
(4) The list of the active and passive members.
Art. 2.12 They will send quarterly at the headquarters of the association, the account statements, receipts and invoices in order to centralize them, on the dates of 15th of June, 15th of October and 15th of December of every year.

Chapter III – Organizing the branches

Art. 3.1 Each branch will have the following departments:
- compulsory: Scientific and Surgical Techniques.
- auxiliary: PR, HR, IT, Fundraising, Volunteers or Marketing, established according to the internal regulation of each branch.
Art. 3.2 The Board of Directors of the branch will appoint a person responsible for each department, called Department Manager, whose activity in the respective department will be assesed at every 3 months, with the possibility of replacing him in case he does not meet his attributions.
Art. 3.3 The role of the departments is to facilitate de realization of the activities established by the Board of Directors of the bracnh.
Art. 3.4 The attributions of the departments are established by the Board of Directors of the branch.
Art. 3.5 Each member of the SSCR has the right to actively involve himself in each department.
Art. 3.6 The departments will display on the website the activities and also the list of active members.

Chapter IV – Monthly meetings

Art. 4.1 All of the branches of the SSCR association have the obligation to organize each month a session of communications.
Art. 4.2 The date of the meeting will be established by the Head of the Scientific Department.
Art. 4.3 All of the students which are members of the SSCR are obligated to prepare papers in the first 6 months from their registration in the Association, papers which will be presented in the Sessions of Scientific Communications of the SSCR.
Art. 4.4 The members of SSCR have the obligation to attend at a minimum of 50% of the monthly organized meetings in order to maintain their status as a member of this association.
Art. 4.5 The meetings will be organized during the academic year.
Art. 4.6 During the communications sessions there may be invited doctors in order to present scientific papers, to hold classes or worskhops.
Art. 4.7 The format of the meetings will be established by the Scientific Department and will include in a compulsory manner, at least 2 presentations done by the SSCR members.
Art. 4.8 The date and place of the meeting will be communicated to the members by the Head of the Scientific Department one week before.
Art. 4.9 The participation at the meetings is free for bot members and non-members.
Art. 4.10 The PR Department, along with the IT Department will collaborate in the development of promotional posters and leaflets.

Chapter V – Participation in congresses

Art. 5.1 The members of the SSCR association have the right to participate for free at the congreses organized by the surgical societies with which SSCR has a collaboration protocol, subject to availability.
Art. 5.2 The list of the SSCR participants will be made by the Scientific Department, subject to availability and in the order of registration, the participants being only active members.
Art.5.3 The resident doctors, registered in the Romanian Society of Surgery will not benefit from free participation on the SSCR lists.
Art. 5.4 The SSCR association members which will be accepted at congresses have the obligation to be present at a minimum of 50% of the time of the presentations in the conference rooms.
Art. 5.5 The adequate dress code for the event is compulsory.
Art. 5.6 The SSCR members which will get involved actively in the organization of the congresses will have the obligation to fullfil until the end and in good conditions the tasks with which they have been invested.
Art. 5.7 The SSCR members must not prevent the smooth development of the congress in which they are participating.

Chapter VI – Practical courses

Art. 6.1. Practical courses can be organized by the SSCR or by other institutions with which the SSCR has signed a collaboration protocol and have a limited number of participants (minimum 6).
Art . 6.2 The practical courses are managed by the Department of Surgical Techniques which will promote them and which will make the registrations.
Art . 6.3 At the practical courses may participate SSCR members or resident doctors subscribing to SRC, subject to availability and in the order of the registration, priority having the active members of the SSCR.
Art. 6.4 The participation fee will be proposed and approved by the Board of Directors, being the same at a national level.
Art. 6.5 The participation fees will be paid in the SSCR account or at the association’s treasurer.
Art. 6.6 The participation tax will be paid by all the participants to the course, except for the members of the project’s organization team and in special cases, following a request approved by the Board of Directors.

Chapter VII – The project’s coordinator

Art. 7.1 Any member who has the statute of active member in the association for more than 3 months has the right to become Project Coordinator in the SSCR association, unde the condition that it is approved by the Board of Directors.
Art. 7.2 The projects may be the idea of the future coordinator or they can be projects established when the Board of Directors names the coordinator.
Art. 7.3 He is obligated to draw up a written project following the SSCR patterns, which will contain:
- Summary;
- Describing the reference situation;
- Partners;
- Describing the project:
- purpose;
- objectives;
- detailed description of the activities;
- the methodology;
-expected results;
-promoting the project;
- staff;
- auto-maintenance of the project;
- budget;
- Avantages of the sponsor;
- Conclusions.
Art. 7.4 The project will be presented to the Board of Directors of the branch in order to receive approval;
Art. 7.5 He has the freedom to choose the team with which he will work on the project, provided that they be members, the belonging to the SSCR branches having no influence;
Art. 7.6 He will search for possible financing sources, and with the agreement of the Board of Directors will be able to conclude sponsorship contracts or apply for project competitions.
Art. 7.7 The financing obtained this way will be used by the coordinator according to the budget of the project.
Art. 7.8 He may ask the Board of Directors for support in financing the project, in which case, the budget of the association and the priorities will be taken into account.
Art. 7.9 He will be responsible for the smooth running of the project.
Art. 7.10 He will maintain contact between all members involved in the project and between them and the doctors.
Art. 7.11 He will keep a strict record of the expenses and he will prepare an accounting report each month.
Art. 7.12 At the end of the project he will write an activity report which he will present to the Board of Directors and will make a presentation of the project in the communications sessions; also he will provide the SSCR departments with all the necessary data so that the SSCR members will benefit from the results of the project.
Art. 7.13 If the project is national, it will be necessary toreceive approval from the central Board of Directors (national project= a project which implicates students from more than an academic center).
Art. 7.14 He will be in charge of the signing up for the course of the participants, together with the chief of the Surgical Techniques department which will approve the list of the participants.
Art. 7.15 At these courses, priority will have, in descending order, the following persons:
(1) The organizing members of that course.
(2) The active members of SSCR.
(3) The subscribing members of SSCR.
(4) Students from the faculties of medicine from Romania.
(5) Resident doctors.

Chapter VIII – A project’s organizational team

Art. 8.1 Will be formed from the SSCR members (the belonging to the SSCR branches having no influence).
Art. 8.2 The organizational team of a SSCR course will be chosen by the project’s coordinator, under the condition that it is approved by the Board of Directors.
Art. 8.3 It has the obligation to fulfill the task it was invested with.
Art. 8.4 The members of the team have the obligation to communicate among themselves and with the project’s coordinator for a smooth running of the project.
Art. 8.5 They will regularly meet at the proposal of the project’s coordinator in order to discuss and solve the possible problems occurred during the project.

Chapter IX – Sanctions

Art. 9.1 The general Board of Directors will approve the decisions taken by the branches’ Boards of Directors.
Art. 9.2 Failure to comply with the obligations from the present regulation will lead to one of the following sanctions:
(1) Warning;
(2) Written warning;
(3) Relieving from position;
(4) Exclusion from the association.
Art. 9.3 The sanction is applied by the Board of Directors of the branch, according to the seriousness of the offense.
Art. 9.4 The old members which will not pay the membership fee will lose their quality as a member and will no longer benefit from the association’s support. They will have to register again to join the SSCR association.
Art. 9.5 The members who are not active will not have priority to participate in congresses, courses and other theoretical and practical activities until they regain their status as an ACTIVE member.
Art. 9.6 The SSCR members who within 6 months from their registration in the association do not get involved in a project, department, or do not make a scientific paper or a case study presentation will lose their ACTIVE member of the association’s status, along with all of the privileges of this status.
Art. 9.7 revoked
Art. 9.8 The SSCR members who have signed up for a congress and fail to present themselves without a reason, will not receive the participation diploma and will lose the right to freely participate in the next congress organized in collaboration with the SSCR.

Chapter X

Art. 1. In March, May and September of each year there will take place National SSCR’s Boards of Directors Meetings, the last two taking place simultaneously with the National Congress of Surgery, resepctively with the National Training Seminar, during which will be discussed the organizational problems occured in the SSCR at local and national level.
Art. 2. For each SSCR course there will be elaborated a course protocol at the level of each branch, which will include in a compulsory way the selection criteria for the participants.