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Simularile Saptamanale ale Examenului de Rezidentiat

Our program offers the possibility for future candidates of the Residency Exams to verify their accumulated knowledge after going through the required course work for each simulation session, in an atmosphere that resembles the exam they will undertake.


Session 1: cardiology, pneumology, emergency medicine (medical reanimation), neurology.
Session 2: infectious diseases, hepato-gastro-enterology, visceral surgery, obstetrics-gynecology
Session 3: rheumatology, orthopedic surgery, ophthalmology, N-E-T surgery, geriatry, psychiatry, pediatric psychiatry, pediatric
Session 4: internal medicine, radiology, dermatology, endocrinology-diabetes-metabolic diseases
Session 5: final recap
Session 6: final recap done in parallel with the final simulation coordinated by the SSCR Bucharest team.


During each session the admission to the exam room will be during 9:00 – 9:45. There will be at least one vacant seat between candidates. They are allowed to enter the exam room with their personal belongings that will have to be placed in the empty seat between them. Starting with 9:45 the exam sheets and the pens will be handed out, while the participants will fill out their identification data (the code they received when enrolling) in the specified space on the exam sheet.

At 10:00 the exam notebooks will be handed out. The candidates that are not present when the exam notebooks are being handed out, will no longer be admitted to that particular simulation. The simulation lasts for 4 hours. The 4 hours begin after the last exam notebook is handed out. The supervisors will note the hours when the exam begins and ends on the blackboard.

The candidates are forbidden to consult any material, discuss with each other or copy from each other. Should any be caught using a mobile device, any

documentation, or any other means of cheating, these will be deposited by the supervisors on the teachers desk and handed back after the simulation has concluded.

After 60 minutes form the beginning of the simulation, the candidates are allowed to turn over the filled exam sheet and leave after signing. Should they desire to leave the exam before this time, the exam sheet will be filled with the words “RETRAS” (retreated) and will not be corrected.

Exceptions: physiological problems, in which case the candidate is allowed to leave the exam room for 10 minutes.
Upon departing, the contestants may keep the exam notebook.