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Surgery Summer Camp

  • Asepsia and Antisepsia
  • Bandages and wound management
  • Intestial Anastomosis
  • Knots
  • Plastic and reconstructive surgery
  • Simulator
  • Simulator
  • MING
  • Vascular Anastomosis
  • Sutures

Surgery Summer Camp`s goal is to offer medical students throughout all university centers the possibility to aquire basic surgical skills in an utterly professional manner, respecting ethical principles, and to provide an assessement of the abilities needed in order to follow a surgical career.
Nevertheless it is intended to establish a relaxing ambience focused on performance which is ment to fulfil the educational purposes and where medical students will get to meet other colleagues from different university centers from inside the country but also from abroad, to build the attitude of teamwork and to form the foundation of new friendships that will lead to future collaborations.


• Principles of asepsis and antisepsis;
• Basic surgical instruments kit;
• Surgical knots;
• Wound management;
• Types of sutures;
• Hemostasis;
• Bandages and wound dressing.
• Intestinal resection and anastomosis;
• Vascular resection and anastomosis;
• Laparoscopic simulation;
• Plastic Surgery notions;
• Plastic Surgery procedures .


The workshop has a theoretical component and an important practical one. The theoretical component is held by a team of students and organizers, in the form of PowerPoint presentations which contain well-structured information with explanatory pictures.
The practical component will take the form of a succession of demonstrations conducted by the main instructor, whose indications will be followed step by step by the participants at their work desks.
At the end of the workshop the students will take an evaluation in order to assess their knowledge and they will be graded. These grades, although important to the people who organized the workshop, are purely informative, and they will not appear on the diploma given to each student at the end of the workshop.


Surgery Summer Camp will take place as two modules of 9 days, each representing an extended Basic Surgical Skills workshop with a different team of trainers and participants:
Module 1: with participants from the medical faculties from Romania
Module 2: with participants from the medical faculties from other countries.

Day 1
- principles of asepsis and antisepsis
- basic surgical instruments kit and how to use them
- surgical knots

Day 2
- wound care
- types of sutures

Day 3
- plastic and reconstructive techniques - theoretical presentation ;
- plastic and reconstructive techniques - practical part

Day 4
- catheterization
- bandages and wound dressing
- thoracocentesis and paracentesis

Day 5
- pelvin and rectal examination
- intestinal resection and anastomosis – theoretical presentation
- intestinal resection and anastomosis – practical part

Day 6
- hemostasis
- vascular resection and anastomosis – theoretical presentation
- vascular resection and anastomosis – practical part

Day 7
- laparoscopic surgery - presentation
- evaluation
- closing ceremony