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I really enjoyed it, although I wasn’t expecting it...honestly...I felt like being with friends; the tutors/instructors knew how to make us feel accepted, explaining to us each phase, step by step and some of us learned how to work as a team; the presentations were short, objective and displayed in a concise manner – as an exception, there was the last of the presentations (laparomy and parietoraphy), which I did not want to end. Although I had already dealt with the notions that were presented and some of the situations, by having them presented again to me, I managed to streghten the knowledge even more and to put into order what I already knew. As Sir William Osler said, the value of the experience doesn’t stand in seeing many, but in seeing them wisely. Some of us have sutured with more patience and attention, others had problems with the tension in the wire, or even with the thickness of the rind – if it doesn’t want to enter, it doesn’t! :)) others said that the ‘patient’ had to stay on the table- what can you do if he wanted to get away (the nurse didn’t tie him very well :P)- therefore, we must adapt to each patient, each situation and do what we do best, in the way we feel ;). William Osler teaches us that practising medicine is an art, not a trade; a calling, not a business; a calling which the affective involvement is the same as the intellectual demand; most often, the best part of you work will have nothing to do with potions and powders, but with exercising an influence of the strong over the weak, of those with verticality over the vulnerable, of the wise over the naive
Georgiana Iov
participant KS may 2009, Bucharest
The 3 days was very good planed as they followed 'a red wire'. Very, very interesting and nice & really liked the work that the assistance was doing... I don't have anything to complain on the instruments & the pig... I am very happy and satisfied by these 3 days & of the professors, doctors & students involved - did a very good work! Extra plus to my instructor Larisa...
Amel Jumppanen
UMF Iasi, Ist year , participant KS in English may 2009, Iasi