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Advanced Skills in Hepatic Surgery – iLiver

The objective of this workshop is to offer the opportunity for medical students to acquire information about hepatic surgery, that they do not have access to during regular courses and to test their surgical skills.


Lectures (open)
-The liver, from pathology to imaging
-Histopathological aspects in liver pathologies
-The state of art in the surgery of the primitive and secondary tumors of the liver
-Surgical anatomy of the liver
-The anatomy of the hepatic hilum and its utility in the hepatic resections
-Surgical pathology of the liver

Practical activities:
-Liver ecography
-Cholecystectomy (anterograde, retrograde and bipolar)
-Anatomical and nonanatomical resections + the Habib resection device
-Choledochotomy and Kehr’s drainage
-Portocaval Shunt


The theoretical courses are based on power point presentations, including images and videos. Each participant has its own working area and surgical instruments and preparation materials that are made available by the organizers.
The surgical techniques are explained and performed by the trainers or instructors at a central desk and they are displayed live. The participants will then perform each maneuver under the coordination of the trainers, until they feel comfortable performing them by themselves.


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