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Basic Microsurgery Skills

During this workshop there are presented basic microsurgery notions, specific instruments, as well as some suturing and dissection techniques under the microscope. The aim of this workshop is to offer students the opportunity to discover their practical abilities in microsurgery ( innate dexterity and visual accuracy ) and to practice them in a professional environment.


The workshop is addressed to a number of 20 participants. This comprises 5 modules with a high level of complexity, 5 hours long each, during which theoretical aspects of basic microsurgery is presented, followed by live demonstrations. The main instructor will explain step-by-step every technique he performs, while the assistant instructors will stay among participants, observe and help them do the presented procedures. The biological materials used include chicken legs, pig eyes, and Wistar rats.


Constantly evolving and innovative, microsurgery presents a broad spectrum of applicability to current medical practice involving the treatment of some afflictions with a high risk of disability. In this respect, the “Basic Microsurgery Course” workshop is an innovation addressed not only to medical students, but also to residents, which enables them to discover the secrets of microscope-based surgery from an early stage in college.