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mini Skills in Multidisciplinary Diagnosis und Treatment


The goal of this workshop is to provide to students the opportunity of understanding the microscopical changes that occur to organs and how surgery intervenes on these pathologies


Clinical Cases - Surgical and microscopical diagnosis with management


The duration of the workshop will be about 4-4,5h. The workshop will start with presentation of oncological cases supervised by the doctors, starting with the admission of the patient, followed by explaining of surgical decision up to morphopathology results and follow ups. Then discussion of differential diagnosis from surgical and pathological point of view will take place. After the oral presentations the students will be divided into smaller groups and will enter in the pathology lab. They will have a small introduction about pathology procedures and this will follow actual microscopic viewing of the cases that were previously discussed together with the help of the doctor. Procedure such as immunohistochemistry and different kind of staining will be discussed too.