Romania's International Surgical Summer Experience - Timișoara - ed. 1



This is a joint project coordinated by SSCR Timisoara and SSCR Iasi. The aim of this camp is to create an environment in which students can acquire and develop their skills related to different surgical specialties by practicing various techniques on biological materials, as well as check their compatibility with the surgical field. The program contains a social part consisting of four days of travel around Romania, from Timisoara to Iasi, allowing the participants to get to know each other, create bonds and learn about teamwork while visiting the beautiful sights of our country. All these objectives will lead to possible partnerships between universities allowing for future national and international projects.


1. Knots and Sutures (introduction to surgery and standard organization in the OR, surgical instruments, asepsis and antisepsis, introduction to wound management and hemostasis, basic knots and sutures)

2. Vascular surgery (Introduction to vascular surgery - arteriotomy and arteriography, aneurysmal Disease - end-to-end anastomosis, Lower extremity artery disease - end-to-side anastomosis, parachuting technique, Cerebrovascular disease - patch angioplasty)

3. Cardiovascular Surgery techniques (introduction to cardiac surgery – cannulation, atrial septal defect – patch repair of foramen secundum, postinfarction ventricular septal defect – patch repair using the David technique, tetralogy of Fallot – enlargement of the pulmonary trunk);

4. Digestive surgery (introduction to digestive surgery, stricturoplasty, acute mesenteric ischemia, end-to-end Anastomosis, end-to-side anastomosis)

5. Advanced digestive surgery (piloroplasty, relevant surgical anatomy, Billroth II resection, side to side gastro-entero-anastomosis, gastric sleeve, stomas 101 – colostoma and ileostoma, the Hartmann procedure)

6. Laparoscopic surgery techniques (laparoscopic instruments, space orientation and intraoperative steps, laparoscopic knots and sutures, laparoscopic appendectomy in virtual reality on Simbionix LAP Mentor)

7. Orthopedics and Traumatology (introduction to orthopedics and traumatology, osteosynthesis principles and techniques, fractures classification and treatment)

8. Pediatric surgery techniques (congenital malformations, surgical anatomy of the renal system in children, ureteral reimplantation)

9. Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery Techniques (procedures used in aesthetic surgery, septoplasty)

10. Ophthalmological Surgery (introduction to ophthalmological surgery- instruments and basic procedures, incisions and sutures on the eye under the microscope)


The event will consist of 7 days of workshops in Timisoara, 5 days of workshops in Iasi and a short trip of 4 days between the two cities. The surgical workshops will be structured in an increasing difficulty fashion, containing a theoretical part, the demonstration of the technique and a hands-on part on biological material. The basic workshops will be supervised by one student-trainer for every two participants, while the advanced ones will be done under the guidance of teams formed by residents and attendings.

Romania's International Surgical Summer Experience

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SSCR Timișoara

26 iul. 2021 - 11 aug. 2021

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24 mai 2021 - 27 iul. 2021

900.00 EUR - pentru membrii cotizanti SSCR
900.00 EUR - pentru restul lumii

Centrul de Laparoscopie și Microchirurgie "Pius Brânzeu" , Localitate Timișoara

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