The International School of Advanced Surgical Skills - Cluj-Napoca - ed. 7



This summer school will enable participants:to study and acquire advanced surgical skills in various surgical specialties, evaluate their workmanship and decide whether they will settle upon a surgical career, engage in a future residency program well prepared, both in a theoretical and a practical manner This project also aims to create: a relaxed but in the same time professional working atmosphere, that would allow the students to fulfill their educational goals as well as to get to know other colleagues from various medical centers to learn to work as a team and to build friendships.All of these objectives would eventually lead to better relationships between universities and set the foundation for future national and international projects.Click here to see ISASS' Facebook page Click here to see our Facebook page and thus, more details regarding our activity.


• Principles of asepsis and antisepsis used in the operating room; knot tying and types of sutures;
• The surgical instruments and their use, focusing on the specific ones for different surgical specialties;
• Plastic and reconstructive surgery skills (multiple skin flap techniques, tendon reconstruction);
• Vascular surgical skills (notions of vascular suture, arterial anastomosis and reconstruction);
• Digestive surgical skills (intestinal anastomosis-multiple types and techniques);
• Laparoscopic surgical skills (including performing a cholecystectomy on experimental swine liver);
• Skills pertaining to urology (partial nephrectomy, ureteral anastomosis and ureteral reimplantation);
• Common maneuvers (urethral catheterization, nasogastric catheterization, rectal and vaginal examination) performed on mannequins.


This course consists of 7 modules (1 module per day) with the duration of approximately 7 hours per day. The modules start on Saturday – the 13th of July 2019 and end on the following Friday – the 19th of July 2019. Each module has a theoretical part assisted by SSCR trainers and medical doctors. The trainers will provide additional information to the presentations and will engage with the participants in discussions on the given topic.The theoretical part of the course is accompanied by a practical part consisting in demonstrations performed by the main trainer at the central desk, whose instructions are followed step by step by the participants working at their tables. The demonstrations carried out by the main trainer are filmed and presented in real time.Given the fact that surgery involves teamwork, the 24 participants are arranged in pairs at the 12 work tables. Each student will be given a surgical kit as well as a trainer which will sit among the students, supervising and helping participants in making the surgical maneuvers designed and explained by the main trainer. Each technique is repeated until all students get accustomed to it and only afterwards is the next one presented.

The International School of Advanced Surgical Skills

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SSCR - Cluj-Napoca Branch

12 iul. 2019 - 19 iul. 2019

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24 ian. 2019 - 30 mai 2019

350.00 EUR - for SSCR active members
350.00 EUR - for everyone else

"Iuliu Hatieganu" University of Medicine and Pharmacy, City Cluj-Napoca

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